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Play School Franchise

SMARTSHALA India's Best Play School Franchise

SMARTSHALA offers the highly satisfying, most promising, profitable and best rewarding SMARTSHALA play school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing Indian education sector. SMARTSHALA offers the highly satisfying, most promising, profitable and best rewarding SMARTSHALA play school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing Indian education sector..

SMARTSHALA invites the entrepreneurs - teachers, women entrepreneurs, individuals, institutions, registered societies and the owners of the individual primary nursery elementary schools in cities and towns to be part of the India’s fastest growing chain of Play School by establishing ‘SMARTSHALA’ brand of franchise play school. The Play school franchise seekers must have a strong desire to make a difference to the society and sincerity towards the noble profession of providing high quality early childhood education at affordable costs with SMARTSHALA. The SMARTSHALA Kids franchise play schools can offer the play group school, nursery school and Smart Junior – Smart Junior programs developed by SMARTSHALA.


According to a business research in Indian Early Childhood Education sector, the play schools in India offering high quality education at affordable cost for the play school kids of the lower and middle class population will be poised for highest growth rate.

The highly experienced early childhood education experts and the education sector business management experts at SMARTSHALA have developed an affordable model of play school franchise requiring low investment for the establishment and functioning of the play school without compromising on the high quality learning. The low investment play school model translates into offering a best efficient, responsible, affordable and top quality play school learning system for the children at SMARTSHALA play schools, India's fastest growing chain of franchise play schools.


Space Requirement - Total area of minimum 1500 sq. ft. is required for establishing a play group Play School, preferably on ground floor and preferably with an additional open space for the outdoor pre school activities. The space must be in a residential area with moderate to high density of population and could be owned or leased (with minimum 3 years of lease period contract)


  1. Successfully replicated, Low investment Play School Franchise projects
  2. Lowest Royalty fee in India, means higher profits for franchisee
  3. Low business risks involved in opening a Play School & the Operations
  4. Recession Free Education Business opportunity of starting a Play School
  5. Best returns on Investment in Play School project establishment
  6. Debt free Business of operating / managing Play School education
  7. Project Financing Available for establishing a Play School
  8. High growth rate business with ever increasing demand for an affordable, high quality early childhood education offered by SMARTSHALA Play Schools.

Play School Franchise,best play school franchise,pre school franchise,best preschool franchise, best preschool franchise in india,best play school franchise in india,kids play school franchise,best kids play school franchise,low investment best play school franchsie,low investment best preschool franchise,Start your play school with low investment,how to start a play school,how to start a pre school

Why open a play school franchise business in India?

Play school franchise in India are booming businesses nowadays; parents are more concerned than ever with their kids future, and willingly spend money to give the children the best possible education right from Play school levels. Opening a Play school franchise business in India can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision. Nevertheless, there are many good Play schools in India and it is often a critical question to choose from them. Did you ever wonder which Play school franchise in India is most profitable? Which Playschool franchise business in India has the best possible future?
Right after food and brevrages, the most hot and happening franchise business sector in India is probably education, With Indian consumers now richer than ever, and Indian parents also able to afford better and costlier education for their kids than ever, starting a play school franchise business in India seems like a really good idea. And at Starting Franchise, we have bypassed your daunting task of choosing from the best play school franchises. In India there are many good re-schools. A lot of Montessori and Kindergarten schools offer franchises in India, But SMARTSHALA is most profitable Play School Franchise business in India.

At SMARTSHALA Preschool we aspire to witness the many firsts that your child will accomplish, be it their time away from home as part of our Play Group, their first School performance in our Nursery class or their first attempt at reading in our Kindergarten. Keeping this in mind we aim to create an environment where the little one feel safe and free to explore the many wonderful learning habitats we have created just for them. SMARTSHALA Preschool is a progressive preschool with seamless class routine that are designed to keep the individual learning goals for each child in mind. No child is hurried through an activity, be it playing, colouring, exploring, eating or settling into school. Our age appropriate curriculum focuses on the all round development of the child, encompassing the following areas:

The Importance of Preschool Learning

While most parents consider Kindergarten the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone are an important time for learning as well. Children enter Kindergarten usually at around five years old – but the first five years of life are a critical period for setting the foundations of learning.In fact, the preschool years may be the most important learning time of all. Preschool education is now considered not just a good idea, but very important for a child’s scholastic success. At preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. And, more important, they learn how to socialize — get along with other children, share, contribute to circle time.& Says Kathleen McCartney, Ph.D, Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education. These skills are an important basis for what children will learn in Kindergarten and beyond. Preschool education provides your child with an opportunity to start a lifelong love of learning. With the use of age-appropriate materials and objectives, you can help your child to practice skills, lay the framework for more advanced learning, and most importantly discover that learning is fun. The motivation to learn is an important factor in school success. According to Nobel Laureate and Professor James J, Heckman, Ph.D, “Early childhood interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning and motivation.” This means that providing preschool learning opportunities to your child that ensure learning and development take place hand in hand has lifelong benefits for academic success and more. A child who experiences the joy of learning, of discovery, and of successfully completing age-appropriate tasks at a young age will be more likely to enjoy school later in life, and do better academically as well.

Facilities @ SMARTSHALA Schools

Well Equipped Classroom: Classrooms are fully charged with brilliant colors & latest teaching aids. Each class is managed & supervised by two mentors & caretakers. Faculties: All the branches of SMARTSHALA are headed by the Academic who trains the teachers and respective Branch heads technically to channelize & nourish the children in the most effective way. Their methodology of teaching along with use of teaching Aids and Montessori Apparatus is updated every month through MONTHLY ORIENTATION SESSIONS given to the faculties. Length of school days: The length of the school day is kept comfortable as per the requirement of the children. The timings are for pre primary classes. 

Pupil–Teacher Ratio: For giving Individual attention to the child, Pupil teacher Ratio is maintained 10:1. P.T.M (Monthly Meetings): There will be monthly P.T.M in which child’s progress will be provided and queries if exists can also be sorted. Parents and teachers work together with their sincere efforts to develop children in all aspects. is important with the mental fitness of the child & for that physical check up conducted in the school. Monthly Excursion: Children learn best through direct experiences, seeing feeling and doing. Outings are one of the best ways of bringing new, stimulating, mind stretching experiences to the young children. No one can tell the child much, words alone cannot do the job, and knowledge is perfect only if it is practical. Outing now are perfect means of learning for him.

Playgroup Curriculum

The Playgroup Curriculum has been designed with great care, keeping in mind that this may be the first time a child is away from parents or care-givers. It aims to provide smooth transition with customized “settling in” schedules. The teachers are specially trained to encourage children to develop a sense of comfort and confidence as they settle into school routines. Engaging activities in the classroom and outdoors add value and interest to each day with a wide range of specially chosen manipulative and other learning materials. Nature exploration, free play, creative corner, story time, art, music and movement, water and play and many such activities are what their day at the will SMARTSHALA Preschool comprise of.

Nursery Curriculum

Nursery Children possess an ever expanding set of language and social skills as they begin to settle down to the idea of being on their own. The confidence encourages them to be zealous explorers. Our nursery curriculum aims to fulfill their quest for knowledge and enables them to have a better understanding of the world around them. Various activities are used to introduce the concept of taking turns and sharing, toys and games and to reinforce math and language learning. Art materials such as clays, crayons, Markers, paints and collage materials are a creative favorite with most children in this age group, just as skipping ropes, tricycles and swings, etc are for developing gross motors skills

Kindergarten (Smart Junior and Smart Senior) Curriculum

By the time the children are in the kindergarten, they have longer attention spans and are able to sit for longer periods of time. They also have more developed social skills and are confident, and eager to create new ideas and expand their imagination. They begin to experience themes and activities that to broaden their horizons. For our children, learning becomes a structures systematic course emphasizing recognition of capital and small alphabets through phonic and whole word recognition through sight reading. Introduce the concept of cause and effect. Encourage children to express themselves in whole sentences. Number identification and sequencing through numerical literacy tools

Our Teachers

The Quality of our Programs is a direct result of not only environments in which our programs is set but also the quality of the teachers and educational team. Our team of bachelor teachers and diploma qualified educators are responsible for integrating the requirement of the early years learning framework into our learning contexts. To ensure that your child’s leaning outcome are achieved. Promote language and cognitive development. Plan and teach a play based curriculum. Plan incursions and excursions to extend on learning. Observe children to evaluate & record progress. Assist with personnel hygiene. Promote health and safety concepts. Encourage empathy, corporation & respect. Encourage and promote positive attitudes towards learning. In addition, our team undergoes regular professional and teaching development programs to ensure that practices are consistent with industry best practice. Our teachers and educators are both professional and passionate, key attributes required when caring for your child.

Cerebral Development: Critical thinking, in–depth understanding,inquiry,creativity,recollection and application. Social Development: Positive personal relationship, working with others, effective communication, trust and belief in the goodness of others, desire to help, and sense of identity. Emotional Development: Understanding feelings, Self belief and confidence, self control, self motivation, creative interests, and passion for lifelong learning. Physical Development: Healthy practices (diet and exercise), personal care and hygiene, fine and gross motor development. Spiritual Development: Feeling at one with nature, the universe, and the self. Language & Literacy: Storytelling, dramatic arts/role play, Communication. Mathematical Learning: Numbers and Measurement, shapes and spatial awareness. Expressive Arts: Drama and Dance, Art, design and Music. Environment and Sustainability: Caring for the world we live in, understanding the environment. Family and Community: Diversity, partnerships and collaboration, shared decision making. Science and Technology: Enquiry and investigation, collecting and organizing data, use of computers/ipads/whiteboards. Independence & responsibility: Caring for self & others (empathy), contributing to a group constructively, Personal care and hygiene.

Activities in the summer camp:- Activities are for learning, fun & skill development Spoken English Clan Modeling Personality development Dance Painting Drawing Music Skating Vocal music Art craft Swimming Vedic math Instrumental music Judo Karate Table tennis Yoga Aerobics SMARTSHALA good evening activity club: Smart moms: It an activity based learning program along with regular academics coaching in which activities like Instrumental music ,vocal music, Dance , Drawing , painting , calligraphy, handwriting skating table tennis are conducted in the evening .Timings 4pm to 7 pm. This is one of our unique concepts which are open for all it’s an exclusive 10-15 days workshop for all those who wish to understand their children first at all age levels and wants to develop them accordingly in the best and correct way.

Smartshala Summer ActivityCamp

April -May -June for age group up to 15 Years. Smartshala Summer ActivityCamp Memory is not exclusively to the brain, but muscles have as well. SMARTSHALA and its unique approach honor the whole child by addressing the brain, body, mind and spirit.

SMARTSHALA is the fastest growing chain of preschools in India offering world-class,affordable preschool learning to the children all over India.

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TOP Features of SMARTSHALA Play School Franchise

  • Low Cost of Initial Investment- The amount of investment made by the prospective franchisee will be less. By getting associated to an already set-up school, costs viz. initial set-up, promotional and administrative will be reduced.
  • Lower Financial Risk- In comparison to other business ventures, Play school franchisee will bear less financial risk. Moreover, with an accepted code of conduct, the franchisee seeks the benefit of a tried and tested model.
  • Noble Profession- Apart from the aforesaid benefits, it is a noble profession to start a play school as it gives a sense of satisfaction by imparting education and serving the society at large. Moreover, through this, one gets a lot of respect in the community as well.
  • Franchisor’s Support- Since it is a tiresome process, hence, the Play school franchisor helps the franchisee right from selecting the land till launching the preschool.
  • Strategic Advantages- Besides this, the franchisor offers support in terms of trained professionals and technical expertise which will give a quick head start to the franchisee’s workings.
  • Curriculum Support- The Play school franchisor also helps the franchisee in developing the curriculum and defining the teaching techniques.
  • Assured profits in the long run- Investment in the education sector is surely a sensible decision and it will ensure guaranteed return on investment.

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10 Essential Preschool Skills

Before you send your child off to begin a lifetime of schoolbased learning, there are some essential skills that should be learned in the preschool years. Most of these skills can be learned right at home, with the help of a few simple preschool education tools. Here are the top ten skills your preschooler should be developing.

Co-curriculum Act: To develop the individual personality and enhance relationships at every step, we need to provide co–curricular activities. Co-curricular activities cultivate interest and extend their exposures beyond confining them in the classrooms. The best part is that evenone in school gets the chance to be social with others and discover them develop their interest and talents. Definitely at many places even a non-participative child can also be boosted up.

Game & Sports: . For outdoor activities to perform there is an essential requirement of open space, well designed & equipped play ground like in SMARTSHALA we have big skating rink, swimming pool ,sand pit, swings ,slides, rope climbing, football & basketball wound to play.

Horse, Camel & Elephant Riding: SMARTSHALA Preschool organizes periodic riding facility which lives thrilling experience to the preschooler.

Transportation Facility: Pre school age is such in which the transport should ideally consume less transit time, runs slow , pick & drop the child at home (not at stops likebigbuses) for these reasons autos are found the best options which run with slow speed consumes less time & leaves the child at the door step. 

Uniform, Books & Bags: These are available at the respective branches for the ease of the parents. SMARTSHALA has created own publication so as to give the best in academics.

Events & celebrations: Birthday Celebration–We celebrate birthday of each & every child in the school.

Festival Celebration: Its celebrated one day prior to the festival to give complete information about the festival & to enjoy together. 

Occasion Celebration: Occasions like  Republic day, Independence day etc are celebrated with great admiration & respect.

Monthly Competitions: Every month children need to be brought up on the stage enabling them to present their talent & face people opposite to them. This not only brings out hidden talents but also makes stage a comfortable zone for them to present themselves.

Theme days: These days work as a practical workshop for the pre schoolers, celebrated every month. The philosophy behind theme days is to learn while seeing.

Positive Parenting: We organize workshops exclusively for PARENTS entitled Better parenting and many more issues of the parents related to child’s development are also given space All the queries related to how to deal with various situations during parenting’ are also taken into consideration and solved.